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Peace ? or .......just Peace-Conference  ___ Writer: ~Raja Chemayel
Portugal and Spain, Lebanon and Syria  ___ Writer: ~Raja Chemayel
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messagetoamerican رسالة إلى الشعب الأمريكي

A Message To Americans

Iraq The Pride __ وامعتصماه

Wait a bit while an effective song & pics being loaded, يرجى الانتظار قليلا لريثما يُحمل النشيد مع الصور
Do you know how old is she? or that her miserable aged huspand?
They are without sons or anyone protect them!!
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Where are the biological weapons? or that comprehensive destruction?
Powered by Assem

Without husband, family nor home!!
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They prevent students from learning
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Free Killing
Powered by AssemPowered by Assem

Why?? what did exactly they do???!!
Powered by AssemPowered by Assem

Has on earth he got that weapons which G.W.Bush lied about?
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Hey American mother!!, can you see how your courageous son shoting his gun on innoncents' heads?,,, isn't he courageous??,,, Do you like your son?,,, Are you proud of him??....
sure after see this pic!!!
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But!! you must notice that all those people are aged, powerless and victims of injustice

A MEMORIAL Photo !!!
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If Davinci still alive,,,
Can he depict a misery picture such this?

I doubt he could
But !!!......

But Both of

Bush & G.W.Bush did
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Torment at free time
Powered by AssemPowered by Assem

But Those are free people!! So, what do you want from them in their country?
Are those who destroyed WTC? Why don't you let them and go back your home
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Why The USA flag is in Iraq??! why? can someone tell me?

Iraq isn't yours to raise your flag over its sky.... it's a insult

Powered by Assem
Powered by Assem

Also it's a insult.
The humiliation of The Free People on their own ground
Powered by Assem

Do you accept that to occur to yourself in your own countries?....and by the strangers?
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What about the kindness of the animals?... Is the last more importance than the free Iraqian?
Again, I'm asking you why?? And what did those do to the American People before to tread on their necks... in their own ground?

You must to know that this iraqian man is free,,,, do you know what does free mean?.... if you know why are you here? and why are you doing that ugliness against the free?!
Powered by Assem

The Miserable People


He's joking!!!

And then we get orphans!!!!!!!

The Wrath
Free People always love their countries

The Powerless
Eng. AssemEng. Assem
Eng. AssemEng. Assem
Eng. AssemEng. Assem

Eng. Assem

Eng. Assem

My God Help Us

Sooner or later U.S. Killers We'll kick you out

Sunnis and Shiites have lived in peace for thousands of years, but as soon as Americans show up with their 'Israeli Advisors,' and 70,000 mercenaries , then Iraq turns into hell.

My Dear American People, Demonstrate against Bush in your country,, and help your sons and ours.... Don't be afraid, Don't fear of him,, he's just a coward criminal,, and put in your mind that a lot of Iraqians die everyday,, and those Iraqians have never done anything against American People, but U.S. military are killing them for no raison!!........ Demonstrate against Bush and let him stop this dirty war,,,

You have to make a new generation of America proud of you and of your bravery ,,, not dispraise....!
~ Assem...

© 2006, Eng. Assem
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