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Portugal and Spain, Lebanon and Syria  ___ Writer: ~Raja Chemayel
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The Truth About 911

السلامُ عليكم ورحمةُ اللهِ وبركاته
The Truth About 911

Part 9, Click

The Truth About 911, Part8
Questions about 911


The Truth About 911, Part7
Secret Evil Of 911

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The Truth About 911, Part6

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The Truth About 911, Part5
Some Questions1

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    Now that you know there were never any weapons of mass destruction. Can you ask yourself another question?
  1. what really happened on September 11th?
  2. How did fire shatter two of the world's biggest buildings? if fire had never toppled a steel building in all of history?
  3. Have you ever heard the engines of a Boeing low to the ground?
  4. Why did no one hear Flight 77, flying inches above traffic as it headed for the Pentagon?
  5. Was it instead a military missile or drone?
  6. Why were there no pieces of passengers or luggage at the Pentagon?
  7. And why were government executives helping with the cleanup?

The Truth About 911, Part4
Video on Google

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The Truth About 911, Part3
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Someone from America said when he Saw the video on Google, which shows direct connection between the attacks of September 11, 2001 and the United States government:

"I really angered,,, saddened,,, and then depressed me. What can we do? I cried after watching it again. How could our country do this to our people? Are they Nazis? The ends justify the means? This is Fascism. I can't get my head around this. I am a conservative, pro-war, Republican...........not anymore. I am just stunned. Never in my lifetime, I am 51, would I have considered our government capable of carrying out this subversion and MURDER to our own people. The shame is unbearable. Thank you for lifting the veil and opening my eyes. I am forever changed by this video. My innocence has been lost and I consider myself an informed individual. While I have always been proud to be an American, I feel nothing but shame now."

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The Truth About 911, Part2
PowerPoint File2

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The Truth About 911, Part1
PowerPoint File1

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These men lied in order to start a war on Iraq, and in the process they sacrificed the lives of over 2500 American soldiers, and this number is still increasing,,,, so, what makes you think that they didn't sacrifice more than 3200 total strangers on 09_11_2001 for the same purpose!?

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Bush + Cheney = War & Terror
War & Terror = Ratings
Ratings = $$$

كذب هؤلاء الرجال بشأن حجة الحرب على العراق؛؛؛ وفي عملية الحرب هذه ضحوا بحياة أكثر من 2500 جندي أميركي من أجل كذبة؛؛ وهذا العدد ما زال في ازدياد؛؛؛
إذاً؛؛؛ فما الذي يجعلك تعتقد بأنهم لم يضحوا بحياة أكثر من 3200 مدني "أجنبي" بتاريخ 09_11_2001؛؛؛ لأجل ذاتِ السبب!!!

Part 9, Click

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